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DVH Creative Studios integrates CGI, photography and post-production into a powerful and effective workflow for creating captivating imagery.

We welcome challenging projects in all fields of the advertising industry. With equal enthusiasm the company creates well-executed packshots and photorealistic images of industrial products in all stages of development.

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We like to be challenged into making every product stand out and bringing it to life. We take the principles of traditional photography and cinematography, and combine them with the latest developments in virtual image creation. Our images have all the advantages and possibilities of 3D computer graphics technology.
The ability to show your product in any desired way with fine attention to detail and visual impact. With the possibilities 3D image creation offers, the client is free to express his brand’s message in a visual image or animation which can be created with great flexibility.
DVH Creative Studios is directed by Dario van Houwelingen. After studying photography at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan, he expanded his skills by studying cinematographic lighting at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam and 3D Graphics and Animation at the SAE Institute, also in Amsterdam. His knowledge of traditional photography and cinema combined with computer graphics has enabled him to be in the vanguard of modern content creation.


DVH Creative Studios is a young 3D rendering company based in the Netherlands and led by Dario van Houwelingen.

With its strong background in photography and its collaboration with renowned retouchers, photographers and CGI artists, DVH Creative Studios creates images that stand out by their great attention to detail, texture and lighting, images that evoke a feeling that suits the product.

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With Computer Generated Imaging we can create realistic objects starting from just a sketch. We build the objects in 3D, apply the right materials and render them with a photographer’s eye for composition and lighting.
We use studio and location photography to combine the strengths of CGI and traditional photography. We shoot stock images for compositing or capturing backgrounds and full 360-degree panoramas that can be used for realistic lighting and reflections, thus integrating CGI objects in a photographic environment.
In post-production we blend the CGI and photography aspects together. Color corrections and lighting adjustment are applied to create the desired feel and atmosphere to make the image stand out.

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